TAAPN Adaptive Scholarship

TAAPN Adaptive will adapt scholarships and/or grant funding per students’ individual needs. Who is welcomed to TAAPN Adaptive?
Any student trying to further his or her education, students, student athletes,
mature students wanting to go back to college, private school students searching for scholarship funding opportunities, etc. TAAPN Adaptive’s goal is to aid students in their educational journey!

Benefits of TAAPN Adaptive?

Students need to brainstorm their educational and career goals with family and/or peers they trust. It is imperative to share those results inside your TAAPN Adaptive profile. To aid our TAAPN research team in deciphering the proper funding and/or grant opportunities that best fit students educational needs.

Return on Investment?

Student funding average $1,000 – $100k. TAAPN Adaptive will provide 400 – 600 scholarship links in twelve months. Each month TAAPN will change search criteria to increase funding opportunities.

What is Next?

Purchase TAAPN profile portal $250. Take your time and complete portal details. Please check your portal weekly for funding updates. Remember funding will be “directly” attached to students profile information. Please provide TAAPN Adaptive with the most current and most accurate information possible.

TAAPN Adaptive
Stripe payment processing, save credit card for reoccurring payments! Provide phone number link processing payments! If the card is declined and not rectified in 48 hours TAAPN Adaptive portal will be put on hold and canceled

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